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Clay Paky Sharpy

Sharpy Clay Paky Moving Light

Sharpy is groundbreaking for the purity of its beam, which is sharply defined and free of any halo or discoloration around the edges. It offers 14 different colors and 17 gobos, allowing you to change the shape of the beam and create an array of spectacular mid-air effects. 

  • Lamp Source: 189W Arc, Philips 5R, 7,950 Lumens
  • Dimmer: Mechanical
  • Color Wheel: 14 + Open Color Wheel
  • Gobo Wheel: 17 Fixed Gobo's
  • Focus: 0-3.8 Degree Zoom
  • Beam: Soft Frost Filter, 8 Facet Rotating Prism
  • Strobe: Mechanical
  • Power: 1.22A at 230V 50Hz (350VA)
  • Data Connector: XLR5 In and Thru, and XLR3 In and Thru
  • Power Connector: PowerCON to Male TRUE1 Cable
  • CL Default Profile: Standard - 16 Channels
  • Typically ships (3) in a Standard Case
Fixture with omega brackets, clamps, & safety cable: 43 lbs

Clay Paky Sharpy

Clay Paky