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 Christie Lites Statement of Support for Diversity and Equal Opportunity in the Workplace.

From the time that Christie Lites was first incorporated in the early 1980’s the Owners have actively supported the inclusion of employees of any race, creed, ethnicity or gender. This policy has naturally evolved over time in part due to the inclusive nature of the arts and entertainment industry overall, but in even greater measure due to CL Management’s consistently applied philosophy that business success must be based on merit, not circumstance.

We encourage prospective employees from all walks of life to join a team where accomplishment is rewarded and there are no limits to advancement.

Our staff is comprised of 43 ethnicities of diverse age, color and religious background ranging from the shop floor through to the c-suite. Christie Lites Owners and Executive Team are proud to represent a company where the strength of the whole rests upon the best possible mix of motivated and open-minded individuals. 

Our common philosophy is that diversity of backgrounds (be it gender, ethnicity, experience, or other) is a key strength that drives diversity of thought and a deeper understanding of how best to run our company. This in turn leads to improved outcomes for our clients, vendors and staff.

We are proud to have built a diverse, inclusive team, who despite their differences, exude a common passion for long-term success and accomplishment.

Huntly Christie, Founder and CEO