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E Type/F Type (Track) Braces

F Type(Track) Braces

Single short pieces of truss tubing used in conjunction with an end gate to position straight truss sections at various degrees to each other. Available in 22.5, 30, 45, 60/"T" connection and 90 Degree lengths.  Note that these are for the positioning of trusses relative to each other and are not load-bearing. 
  • Finish: Silver vein black powder coat 
  • Christie Lites strongly recommends that you engage the services of a licensed engineering professional to analyze complex loading configurations and/or conditions. 
  • Two braces are required for each connection
Degrees & Weights: 
22.5 Deg Link Bar & 2 pins: 3.35 lbs
30 Deg Link Bar & 2 pins: 3.5 lbs
45 Deg Link Bar & 2 pins: 3.75 lbs
60 Deg/"T" Link Bar & 2 pins: 4.25 lbs
90 Deg Link Bar & 2 pins: 5 lbs