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ETC S4 Leko 10° Lens

ETC S4 Leko 10° Lens

ETC Source 4 ellipsoidal (leko) 
  • Includes a 750 watt lamp, 575 watt available by request
  • 10 Degree lens
  • Double clutch fixture body
  • Gobo slot for A and B sizes
  • Accessory slot for Gobo Rotators and Iris Kits
  • Several add on accessories are available including, donuts, top hats, gobo holders, iris kits, and gobo rotators
  • Power Connector: TRUE1
  • Typically ships (8) in a Tall Standard Case  
Fixture with lens, gel frame, clamp and safety: 18 lbs

Gobo Holders

Gobo Holder A Size S4

Small metal holder used to keep gobos in place. Slides into the gobo slot of a Source 4 leko. 

Available in various sizes:
A size metal (3" diameter), weight: 0.15 lb
B size metal (2.5" & 2.75" diameter), weight: 0.15 lb
A size glass (3" diameter), weight: 0.20 lb
B size glass (2.5" & 2.75" diameter), weight: 0.20 lb



Used for sharpening the image of a gobo in a Source 4 leko fixture. 

12" - 10 degree Source 4 lekos, weight: 0.45 lb

Top Hats

Top Hat S4 6.25" x 5"

Used to prevent light spill out of the front of a Source 4 leko. It slides into one of the gel frame slots. 

12" -10 degree Source 4 lekos, weight: 3.25 lbs

Iris Kit Drop-In S4

Iris Kit Drop-In S4

This unit slides into the iris slot of a Source 4 leko allowing you to manipulate the diameter of the beam of light.
Weight: 1 lb

Gobo Rotator- Roto-Q S4

Gobo Rotator- Roto-Q S4

Small rotating gobo holder that fits into the iris slot of a Source 4 leko. 
  • Takes B size gobos
  • Requires the use of a 24v power supply
  • Power/Data Connector: XLR4 
  • Uses standard scroller PSU's
  • Weight: 3 lbs

ETC S4 Leko 10° Lens