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ETC S4 Leko 19-70° Lens

Color Source ETC Source Four LED Leko

ETC Source 4 ellipsoidal (Leko) 

  • Includes a 575 watt lamp, 750 watt available by request
  • Interchangeable lens barrels provide options of 19,26,36,50 and 70-degree beam angles.
  • Gobo slot for A and B sizes
  • Accessory slot for Gobo Rotators and Iris Kits
  • Several accessories are available for the S4 leko including, donuts, snoots, and irises.
  • Power Connector: L5-20 twistlock 
  • Typically ships (8) in a Tall Standard Case 

ETC S4 Leko 19-70° Lens