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Martin MAC 700 Profile

MAC 700 Profile Martin Moving Light

The MAC 700 Profile has an electronic ballast which provides a hot lamp restrike and a flicker-free output. 

  • Lamp Source: 750W Arc, 6000K, Hot Restrike, 16,600 Lumens
  • Dimmer: Mechanical, 4 Selectable Curves
  • Color Mixing: Full CMY Mixing
  • Color Wheel: (8)+ Open Color Wheel
  • Gobo Wheel: (6) Slot Indexable/Rotating Gobo Wheel + (9) Position Fixed Gobo Wheel
  • FX Wheel: (1) Variable Angle Effect Gobo Wheel
  • Focus: 14-30 Degree Zoom, Linkable Focus (6.6ft to Infinity)
  • Beam: Iris, 3 Facet Rotating Prism
  • Strobe: Mechanical, 2-10Hz, Pulse FX
  • Power: 4.2A at 230v 50Hz (944W) Electronic Ballasts
  • Data Connector: XLR5 In and Thru, and XLR3 In and Thru
  • Power Connector: IEC to Male TRUE1 Cable
  • CL default profile: 16bit Extended - 31 Channels
  • Typically ships (3) in a Tall Standard Case 
Fixture with omega brackets, clamps, & safety cable: 81 lbs

Martin MAC 700 Profile

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