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Motor Distro 8-Way CS-800

Motor Distro 8-Way CS-800

The 8way motor distro is used for powering 1 ton, half ton, and quarter ton motors. 

  • Can run up to 8 individual motors 
  • (8) 7pin Socapex output connectors 
  • (1) C5 input power connector, 208v 3 phase operating voltage, 30A max
  • (4) Individual breakers for circuits (1-2)(3-4)(5-6)(7-8)
  • Includes phase reversal keyswitch
  • Ships with (1) 8 way remote, 16 way remote or 24 way remote available by request
  • Ships with (1) ratchet strap for truss mounting
  • Typically ships (1) in a Quarter Standard Case
Distro with ratchet strap: 37 lbs

Motor Distro 8-Way CS-800

Remote Control Motor 8 Way

Motor remote used to control of up to 8 motors from a single motor distro. 

  • (1) remote is shipped with each 8way motor distro
Remote: 2.5 lbs

Remote Control Motor 16 Way

Motor remote used to control of up to 16 motors from two motor distros. 
Remote: 5.5 lbs

Remote Control Motor 24 Way

Motor remote used to control of up to 24 motors from three motor distros. 

  • Motor remotes can be linked together via XLR3 pin cable to control greater amounts of motors.
Remote: 8.25 lbs

Motor Distro 8-Way CS-800

Skjonberg Controls

Motor Distro 8-Way CS-800

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